Google Chrome 79 Rollout On Android Paused After Bug Deletes Users Data


Google had released another update, Chrome 79 for work territory and convenient stages seven days prior with a couple of security improvements and better secure examining affirmations.

Nevertheless, just a few days after its release, Google has halted the rollout of Chrome 79 after customers started crying of data setback.

Clearly, Chrome 79 Android bug is eradicating data of a specific game plan of uses using its WebView.

Which is only those applications that are using Chrome’s web rendering portion, for instance, WebView, as their fundamental or just interface is impacted by the bug?

WebView is a structure section for the Android OS that licenses Android applications to show web content from direct site pages to full-scale web applications.

Tragically, Chrome 79 invigorated the region where web data is taken care of. In any case, the data set aside by untouchable applications using WebView didn’t move precisely to the new zone.

This provoked data hardship destroying customers and application engineers. Truth be told, the lost data still exists in the old zone yet there is starting at now no genuine method to find a good pace.

Impacted customers took the official Chrome Help social affair to protest that data open in Chrome 78 was not moved to Chrome 79.

Specialists likewise took to the Chromium bug-following page communicating that the update to Chrome 79 freed each one from the reports and data saved inside the old Chrome 78 localStorage and WebSQL envelopes.

Google insisted on the news (by methods for Android Police) and has suspended Chrome 79’s rollout on Android at the half. The association is currently pondering two different ways to manage address the bug.


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