Humanoid Robots Teach At This School, Can They Be Trusted?


A humanoid robot teaching in a Bengaluru school in India could possibly be the first in the country to be an instructor partner.

Meet Eagle 2.0, a humanoid robot, who was exhibited as a partner teacher at Indus International School in Bengaluru.

Wearing a white top, dim skirt and a scarf around her neck, Eagle 2.0 shows material science, science, science, topography and history to understudies in classes 7, 8 and 9 in the school.

This humanoid robot, which works near to human educators in passing on works out, is organized so it speaks to significant experts in two-way correspondence.

This infers the robot prepares the understudies just as asks them requests and moreover offers a contribution to their reactions.

Hawk 2.0 was worked in house by a gathering of 17 people containing content designers, who have an association with different areas, for instance, teaching, visual correspondence, and action.

The robots were made over two years and the motor used in the robot has been imported from the U.S. also, it is equal to the one used in the acclaimed humanoid robot, Sophia.

The school association has made three such robots with man-made thinking (AI) to a detriment of 8 lakh rupees each.

Lt. Gen. Arjun Ray, Trustee of Indus International School, said that this humanoid robot is prepared for filling in as a tolerable accomplice educator.

“It’s a synergistic learning model that we have set up. In the present investigation corridor, a teacher puts 90% of the vitality in preparing and passing on the substance that a web crawler like Google can give. She does not have the ability to manage the adolescent, who is just seen as an unfilled vessel that can be stacked up with any substance. With the humanoid robot accepting command over the activity of passing on content, the teacher can prepare what Google can’t. She directs kids, tells them the best way to learn, gives energetic assistance and ignites a venturesome mentality. The robot can give what Google does, close by formative and summative assessments. In the meantime, understudies can concentrate on self-composed learning and arrangement thinking. The instructor arranges the whole examination lobby,” included Ray.

This humanoid robot that has been displayed in the school as a significant part of a pilot adventure, hopes to check whether humanoid robots can work alone in study corridors without instructors.

The school also has plans to introduce more child-welcoming and instinctive robots for the school’s pre-school and basic classes nearby up close and personal humanoid tutors for understudies.

Source: TOI


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